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Modern Kitchen

 Modular Cabinets available in an array of styles, materials & finishes. If you are looking for a fashionable as it is functional, take a look at our brilliantly designed modern range. Its sleek, stylish and made for your way of living. 




Classical Kitchen

There is nothing quite like a warm Italian classical design to capture a cozy feelings of family, friends and food. With the rich, traditional colours of the old country, Italian style kitchens make an inviting environment for both cooking and conversations.




Kitchen Accesories

In order to achieve a seamless and balanced space we give special attention to kitchen accessories.






Our wardrobes have wide verities, styles and custom made sizes to help you to act what is best for you. We do also provid interior fittings and lightings.





Noma raises the bar in the wardrobes and cabinet industry. Our designs are exquisite as well as creative, and tailor-made to meet our customer’s preferences. Available in a variety of styles, Noma’s designs are in line with the top international trends yet maintain the local and regional market flavour.
Noma wardrobe models can be mixed and matched to create a unique wardrobe. We excel in providing custom made wardrobes maintaining our high-quality standards at all times.
Noma wardrobes have been made to last long, thanks to our intense research and development, and use of cutting-edge technology. Our custom designed wardrobes will be always remain contemporary and serve for a very long time.
Noma provides its customers with fast response service and a replacement possibility between 24 – 48 hours.


Noma offers a unique range of materials to meet our customer’s need and
lifestyle, providing them with infinite possibilities of mix and match to design
their perfect wardrobe. Our designers are at the beck and call of our customers
and will guide them in picking the best materials to achieve their dream wardrobe.
Fronts are made of PVC and Melamine, other edges PVC edged with polyurethane hot melt glue to protect from humidity and water.
• Hinges, german brand Sensy model, clip soft closing system.
• Drawer Runners, german brand double steel wall, full extension and soft
closing system.
• Shelf supports, german brand metal material.
• Handles, as per design of wardrobe cabinets, same size of the front, chrome
anodized aluminum integrated handle.
• Spot Lights, in each wall unit there will be integrated LED spotlight german



Noma Wardrobes materials come in a variety of colors, designs and finishes which can make a significant difference to the final result of the finished product. The varied choices enable our customers to create a nuanced effect through the use of light, from the softness of matte finish to the stunning mirror-like effect of high gloss.

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