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Sai kitchen URBAN is current and contemporary. To those who love urban living: it’s not loud but full of life; not anonymous but social; not hectic but exciting, versatile, inspiring, and colorful. Whether London or Lisbon, Berlin or Barcelona, New York or Nuremberg: Our cities are full of contrasts that the young and young-at-heart around the world find so fascinating, appealing, and productive. It is the spontaneous creativity of its inhabitants that is constantly changing the face of an urban center and turning it into a “user-generated city.”

Bring the Outside In

This collection is for those who love the urban living. It's adaptable, vibrant and full of life.

Urban gardening, street art and pop up shops – it is the extempore imagination of urban dwellers that keeps changing the urban center. It can be an attic with the scarce attractiveness of a former factory to just a flat in a homey and snug old residential tower, and from a small row home to a humungous duplex with a flattering view of the surroundings. There are so many possibilities for the inhabitants in a city, each and every one can find a place to call home.


The living spaces are being celebrated by designers and architects around the world as they discover new homes they can transform. Now there is no longer a contradiction between living in a metropolitan city or in the centre of nature. This new way of architecture blending into nature allows us to bring the outside into the inside of your home, while cooking and celebrating it with your loved ones.

The Sai Urban Kitchen Designs

The interplay of intensity and composure, familiarity and surprise: that is where urbanity is born. Please click on the images to view the details of each kitchen design.


Urban SE Graphite Grey


Urban Connected Spaces


Sai Kitchens


Sai Kitchen Combination


Urban in Sterling Grey


Urban Umbra Style

Complimentary Design Consultation

We can plan a kitchen that exactly meets your expectations. With our creative kitchen planning we offer you a complete interior design guidance that includes ceiling, walls, floors and lighting. We want to make things easy for you by helping you plan your dream kitchen. Simply click the button below or talk to one of our kitchen design experts by calling +97145514553 . You may also reach us through WhatsApp: +971 54 7927670 | +971 563265153

Come Visit

In line with our holistic room concept, we attach great importance to a comprehensive range of services from beginning to the end. Our consultants and designers are experienced planners, German kitchen specialists, who are at you disposal with know-how and plenty of flexibility for your wishes, even for extraordinary projects. We will welcome you for visit to our Showroom

Kitchen Brochures

Have a look at the e-brochures of our three style collections PURE, URBAN and CLASSIC to learn more about Sai Kitchen products. The brochures include tips, design ideas, suggestions, interior accessories and details about our cabinetry. You may download the brochure or even place an order for a high-quality hard copy, which will be delivered to your home.

More kitchen designs

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