Teen’s difficult buddy is on way to self-destruction

DEAR ABBY: i will be a 14-year-old girl, and my friend “Leah” has gone out of control. She’s got been taking place the incorrect course since sixth grade. She actually is what folks call “emo. “

She’s tried to finish her life more often than once. She’s got intercourse with a lot of males more than her and has now problems with drugs and cutting. She ended up being mistreated until she ended up being 5 after which adopted. She does not appear to have any morals.

She states she desires to be a prostitute whenever she matures. She additionally desires to have a child into the future that is near. Leah has borderline character condition and most likely many others. We have tried speaking with her by what she is doing to by by herself, but she views absolutely absolutely nothing incorrect along with her destructive behavior.

I’d like Leah to obtain assistance before she winds up raped, in jail, or on death line, or becomes a mother that is teen the roads. I do not wish her in order to become another true quantity, another statistic. Just just What must I do? That do we phone — the authorities, social services, a hotline?


DEAR SCARED: Your buddy seems to be an extremely difficult and aggravated woman. She will be able to assert control in her life where she has none, she’s sadly mistaken if she thinks that by becoming a prostitute or a killer.

You state she’s borderline character condition. If that is true, it should have now been diagnosed by a licensed psychotherapist. Honestly, I do not think that is what you can — or should — handle all on your own.

If the mom does not understand what’s happening, please inform her so she will alert Leah’s mom and Leah can go back to her specialist. Nonetheless, if that is difficult, inform a therapist in school everything you have actually said so Leah can get more therapy before she hurts by herself or another person.

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I also have already been together for 3 years and possess prepared our very first getaway together. We made a decision to separate the expenses 50/50.

The other day, he announced in the apartment we rented that he has invited his sister and her boyfriend to go along and stay with us. Not just ended up being we shocked he would ask them without checking beside me first, we became upset as he stated he had beenn’t asking them to pitch in just about any cash. Typically i am not stingy when it comes to sharing, but i am aggravated and I also wonder if i am overreacting.

Their mom passed away year that is last along with his sis is the only household he has got kept, which he tends to remind me personally of to create me feel responsible. Exactly How must I answer this?

DEAR AMBER: inform the man you’re dating that away from consideration for you personally, he needs cleared it to you before welcoming you to show up. You feel guilty by reminding you that his sister is all the family he has left, patiently explain that you understand that, but this was supposed to be your first trip together — just the two of you — and this has taken the romance out of it when he tries to make.

Then inform you that you don’t intend to foot the balance for Sissy along with her boyfriend because that is not reasonable for you. And because you wouldn’t enjoy it anyway if he doesn’t agree, cancel the trip.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also referred to as Jeanne Phillips, and had been created by her mom, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at www. DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, L. A., CA 90069.

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