Your 10 Toughest Sex Questions—Answered by Dudes!

Three of our favorite male relationship bloggers meal regarding the intercourse questions ladies ask them most.

Intercourse Question: What do males actually think of foreplay?

“As an adolescent, we always heard that foreplay ended up being one thing ladies demanded and guys had been reluctant to accomplish, ” claims Micah Toub, a relationships blogger when it comes to Globe and Mail. ” in the past, i usually wondered what precisely foreplay had been; that which was this terrible and time intensive thing we would definitely want to do for a female to own intercourse beside me? But chatting, teasing, pressing and everything that is doing before making love is all just section of sex. Why could you desire to skip all of that? “

Intercourse Question: What do males want during sex?

“a lot more than such a thing, i would like a lady to be fired up. By me personally. Because that turns me in, ” claims Scott Alden, a dating writer for

Intercourse Question: What’s the thing that is sexiest a girl can perform?

“The sexiest thing a woman may do during intercourse would be to actually want to be here, ” claims Alden. “simply having a great time is means hotter than just about any techniques or tricks. In reality, if you are perhaps maybe not currently pressing, moves and tricks may be embarrassing and weird for everybody. “

Intercourse Question: What should ladies stop worrying all about during intercourse?

“a lady should not worry that some guy is performing one thing he does not desire to accomplish, ” claims Toub. And please, adds Alden, end stressing as to what you appear like nude. “In the event that intercourse is great, you would certainly be astonished by how small everything you hate regarding the human body matter to guys, ” he says. “We most likely also like them. “

Intercourse Question: What do guys think of during intercourse?

Toub’s train of idea goes something such as this: “we wonder what goes on if i actually do this. Wait, what are the results if she gets expecting? Cross that connection in regards to; i have taken precautions. I wonder the things I look or appear to be now. Is she enjoying this? Oh which is good, she is telling me personally we look great and that it seems amazing. This really is rad. “

Sex concern: If some guy doesn’t always have a climax, does it suggest i am negative during sex?

“No, ” states John Ortved, relationship blogger for’s own Smitten. “Sometimes it is simply maybe maybe not likely to take place. Perhaps it is the condom. Possibly i am in my head. Perhaps I do not like what you are doing. Possibly i truly liked that which you had been doing after which we changed my head. It is seldom any such thing doing to you. “

Sex concern: how to ask a man if he’s got been tested for STDs without freaking him away?

“we think then screw him if a guy is freaked out by this question. Wen which I mean, *don’t *screw him, ” claims Toub. “we suppose the question—which will likely need certainly to first show up at a time—may that is awkward the mood. But it is a rewarding and surely short-term mood killer. He ought to be straight back up again unless he has got a good explanation to be protective. Of course this is the situation, that is a thing that is good one to understand. “

Sex concern: Do condoms really make things, uh, numb for dudes?

“they truly are terrible. Until you’re actually switched on. And that’s why it is good to blow some time getting worked up before you slip one on, ” says Alden. But wait! It is not all bad news. Toub adds, “I’ve never ever noticed a lot of a big change between an orgasm having a condom on versus instead of. “

Intercourse concern: just how much do guys actually tell their man buddies about their encounters that are sexual?

“Probably the exact same quantity as both you and your woman buddies, ” states Ortved. “But with guys, we tend to simply recount the situations—embarrassing that is extreme funny, hot—or bring it in context of a problem. “

Sex concern: Is “blue balls” a genuine thing?

“Yes! ” exclaims Alden. “When some guy stays fired up for too much time without coming, his…testicles could become inflamed and it also hurts. It really is an ache that is terrible will make you ill to your belly. “

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