The appropriate driver should be automatically installed by Windows. Windows 10 will automatically download drivers when the device is plugged in, and no other software should be necessary for most users. If you encounter any issues, try manually running Windows Update first. If that does not help, please contact us at These drivers include additional Bluetooth profiles that are not supported by default in Windows. Remove its driver as explained below in the FAQ section.

Is Bluetooth adapter and WiFi adapter same?

Simply put, a Bluetooth adapter is designed to get Bluetooth onto your personal computer whereas a WiFi adapter is used to get wireless connectivity as it receives signals from the router itself or nearby wireless devices.

You just plugged it in and the drivers were automatically downloaded and configured within seconds on your Windows 8/10 desktop. A Bluetooth icon appeared in your system tray (bottom-right corner of display). please right-clicked it and click on add device. It is recommended to select Search automatically for updated driver software and let Windows identify, download and install the driver.

Drivers can be difficult to find and once they are found, can be tricky to install. Most drivers must be manually extracted, installed and registered with the Windows registry. 【Plug & Play】For Win 10 plug into any USB port and windows will auto-install the required drivers.

This will open your connection options on a new page. Pairing mode instructions will change for every device. It will usually require pressing twice or pressing and holding the Power button on your new Bluetooth device.

  • It’s possible that Bluetooth is already available on your computer, but adding a device just isn’t working.
  • Learn how to set up Bluetooth devices and see what to do when Bluetooth isn’t working in Windows 10.
  • Bluetooth is used by lots of devices, such as headphones and keyboards.
  • Hi… kindly apply Hardware and devices troubleshooter, if any hardware related issue,troubleshooter option will resolve.
  • You should ask yourself this before following the steps below because they involve purchasing a Bluetooth dongle.

If your laptop does not have Bluetooth built in, it is possible to install Bluetooth connectivity using an external USB Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can be used to connect devices over short distances. After Bluetooth is installed, Bluetooth-enabled peripherals, such as a mouse or keyboard, can be connected to the laptop wirelessly. To install the Bluetooth adapter, follow the instructions from the adapter’s installation wizard.

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With a free USB port in hand, the only other thing you need is a USB Bluetooth adapter. For the purposes of this tutorial , we’ll be using highly-rated and inexpensive Kinivo BTD-400 ($11.99)USB dongle.

Don’t worry, you can fix such a problem by yourself- follow the instructions bellow to do so. With wireless technology becoming more and more popular each day, take the launch of Apple’s AirPods for example, PC users are looking for ways to use Bluetooth on their devices.

This will usually require you to either press twice or press and hold the Power button on your Bluetooth device. Pairing mode instructions will vary depending on your device. This will usually require pressing twice or pressing and holding the Power button on your Bluetooth device. Find and click the Bluetooth device you want to pair .

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